Northern Territory

how to start paladin class hall campaign

Buy Class Hall Campaign Boost. The Artifact - a powerful weapon, in the right hands it can annihilate hordes of enemies with just one swing, or it can protect and save the allies from harm and danger. ... More

how to use scotts super bloom

Scotts fertiliser spreaders are designed to make the task accurate, clean and simple - no more dipping your hands into bags of fertiliser, no risk of burning the lawn with hit and miss broadcast applications. ... More

how to set up paypal without bank account

14/11/2011 · Best Answer: you need a bank account to set up a paypal account. there's no way around it. You can create an account with paypal but could you put money into it using a GPT site like this: Because you can withdraw money to your Paypal. But can you spend money from your paypal that you have ... More

how to date a girl at work

You're attracted to a girl who's constantly busy with school, work, family events and extracurricular activities. Although she likes you, too, her schedule may leave little time for a date. ... More

how to walk with a backpack

Whether youre covering a hundred miles over a few days or planning to walk the Three Peaks in one day, youll need a decent hiking backpack for the trail ahead. ... More

how to speak slang french

There are many different types of slang in French. Scratch that, a whole lot of types. As with any slang, it often starts with the need to talk in public without being understood by laymen passers-by. Verlan is probably the most used form of slang in France and parts of it have now become common French ... More

how to play cant stop the feeling on guitar tab

... More

how to wear wide leg trousers

This season trousers come supersized. Forget your skinnies, it’s all about wide leg trousers. For those of you that are over the skinny styles that’s dominated the high-street, and our wardrobes, for the past few years you are in luck. ... More

how to use ebay voucher code with credit card

Enter the eBay gift card code on your card or from your email. At this point, your eBay gift card should be activated. Click "Apply" and "Update Total". Confirm your shipping and billing address as well as the order itself and confirm the total. eBay coupon tips. To see if you have a coupon, go to My eBay and scroll down and look for a coupon section with a yellow bar. You'll only see this ... More

how to get your cat to stop scratching furniture

27/12/2018 · If your cat likes to scratch carpets, get a horizontal scratching post. If it likes to sharpen its claws on doorframes or furniture, get an upright post. If it likes to sharpen its claws on doorframes or furniture, get an upright post. ... More

how to study properly for exams

There is no short cut to success, this is the first thing you should remember. For this reason you have to study well first of all. But the preparations are different for different types of exams. ... More

samsung galaxy s9 plus how to turn off

Page 1: Samsung Galaxy S9: Press one of the squares with a plus button inside to add to the Apps Edge Panel, then tap the Create App Pair icon on the following screen. From here you can select ... More

how to stop sucking at life

21/02/2015 I was wondering the same thing this morning man, life is rough. But now I'm drunk and everything's smoooooooth sailin, if you know what I mean ... More

how to give a foot massage to turn her on

After a long day of being on your feet, walking home from work or even just squeezing your feet into a pair of uncomfortable shoes, a simple foot massage can make a world of difference. ... More

how to start your own raw food business

And when you have found your sourdough ‘feet’ and are feeling confident, start pushing the boundaries and making slight adjustments to suit the way you would like to make your bread. ... More

how to use globe telephone

You can use a variety of jars: baby food, pimiento, jelly, or any clear jar with a tight-sealing lid. Use a glue gun, aquarium sealant, or florist clay to adhere your 'scene' to the inside of the lid. ... More

how to write a bibliography for internet sites

Writing Center handouts on writing - 5 paragraph essay & Generating Sensory Details, Maple Woods Writing Center, Missouri Writing the Essay Essay Outline Template - ready to print out and use GlobalServe, Canadian Internet Service Providers ... More

terraria dungeon defenders crossover how to start

Dungeon Defenders II Latest Headlines. DD2 has now released its Foundation: Part 1, which includes a large number of balance and content enhancements. ... More

how to turn data off samsung s6

Dont use your Samsung Galaxy S6 immediately once the data lost. Turn off your 3G/4G connection and Wi-Fi to avoid automatic updating and data overwriting. Every new data could make the deleted data unrecoverable. Step 2. Get a reliable Samsung Galaxy S6 data recovery tool. Jihosoft Android Data Recovery (Android Recovery for Mac) is one of the most powerful program to recover deleted files ... More

how to write medieval letters

The History of b: The letter b is one of the more consistent of form, usually readily recognisable in all scripts. Most variations relate to the treatment of the ascender, which may be straight, wedged, curly or looped, usually in a pattern consistent with similar letters such as h or l. ... More

how to write a financial statement example

Since the financial statements are confined to the monetary matters alone, the qualitative aspects like the quality of management, quality of labor force, public relations are ignored while carrying out the analysis of financial statement ... More

how to set background pic on mac

But, trying to change the login screen backgroundthe screen where you enter your passwordwas a long, complicated, and possibly dangerous process. ... More

how to turn on the light off on intergrated webcams

I wonder how I could turn this feature off from ubuntu. I downloaded v4l2ucp that seems to be a program to do just that, but interestingly most of its settings are grey (can't set) the automatic gain/brightness checkbox is clickable, however, but it does not work (the camera still adjusts to brightness automatically). ... More

how to track work on google classroom

This page is for teachers. You can see the current status of students’ work on the Student Work page. If you make a copy of a Google Drive item for each student and a student opens it, you’ll see their copy on the Student Work page. ... More

how to use now tv without signing up

ive just bought a now tv box and have 2month movie pass, I've signed up put in my voucher number, put in my bank details and it's saying my bank account valid. when I put in correct details. how are I suppose to use my now tv box when it's not letting me? ... More

how to win a girl over in high school

High School Beauty Makeover For all of the things that are going to go wrong in high school, at least your makeover is going to translate to a fantastic time with your makeover beauty session. How to Play High School Beauty Makeover ... More

how to turn a function around on a graph

(see graph) Now, let's explore how to translate a square root function vertically. y = sqrt(x) + 3 or y = sqrt(x) - 4. The addition or subtraction on the OUTSIDE of the square root function will cause the graph to translate up or down. Adding 3 will raise the graph up, and subtracting 4 will lower the graph by 4 units. (see graph) If you are ready for a challenge, we can try to translate in ... More

how to set partition as gpt

What is GPT disk? GPT is the abbreviation of GUID Partition Table. It’s a new standard that’s gradually replacing MBR. It’s associated with UEFI — UEFI replaces the clunky old BIOS with something more modern, and GPT replaces the clunky old MBR partitioning system with something more modern. ... More

how to take blood sample

The sample is obtained by using a needle to draw off blood into special collection tubes. Different types of tubes can be used for different types of tests. Some blood samples can be obtained by a finger puncture that produces just a drop of blood, such as that used for glucose testing. For more information: ... More

how to work as a fashion photographer

Pursuing a career in fashion photography will give you a chance to work with the finest models and celebrities in the fashion industry. You can also receive great publicity by posting your work in magazines, and other types of fashion journals. In general, fashion photographer professionals take pictures of models, which will be used for web sites, magazines, print ads, and fashion houses ... More

how to sell a business that is losing money

And as you’ll see below, even money-losing companies can hand investors hefty gains. Banks, for example, tend to be highly leveraged, as they’re in the business of debt (loans, mortgages). ... More

how to use fake credit card online

Image : Create Free Credit Cards for Online Use Help is at hand with a website service called GetCreditCardNumber. What the service does is, using a complicated algorithm method, it generates fake credit card numbers that will pass as real ones. ... More

how to turn off global ratings in preferences tab

With a high-end system like yours, it does make sense to push your Global Settings a little more than defaults so that they get applied to all games and non-gaming situations where appropriate. ... More

how to tell if cookies are set

Bake cookies on parchment and cool on baking sheet for a few minutes; after they have set up slightly, slide the parchment onto a cooling rack. if the cookies have crevices, the crevices should appear moist. When baking smooth cookies, look at the edges, which should be lightly browned; the center should be set but not fully dry. ... More

how to turn on pop up blocker internet explorer

To completely disable your popup blocker, just uncheck the Turn on Pop-up Blocker checkbox. To disable it for a specific site, click on the Settings button. Now type or paste the domain name you want to allow, and click Add . ... More

how to write a company brochure

How do you write and design your brochure? It's often very useful to have a readily available document that explains your organization's purpose and services. One format that work well to deliver this information is a brochure. A brochure is a concise, visually appealing document, and if well designed, can grab the attention of viewers. This section looks at why and when to use a brochure ... More

how to know when to use the right there

Heralded by Huffington Post blogger, Dr. Ben Michaelis, as THE mating guide for the 21st century woman, finding Mr. Right offers practical, down-to-earth suggestions to help you screen out men who are emotionally unavailable, afraid of commitment, unfaithful or just not what you're looking for. ... More

how to sit nicely in school

Social stories are used to teach kids with Aspergers and other autism spectrum disorders more appropriate social skills. Kids with Aspergers don't just pick up social skills, so social stories can provide a great tool in teaching a skill in a direct way. ... More

how to show hard drive on mac desktop high sierra

So before you go get yourself that new High Sierra download and run it, make sure you have a clean Mac. There’s a great app for that, CleanMyMac . It deals with all kinds of system and hard drive trash in minutes, so you don’t have to lift a finger looking for junk manually. ... More

how to work as a freelance journalist

Rebecca Boyle. Freelance Journalist. Rebecca Boyle is an award-winning freelance journalist in Saint Louis, Missouri. She is a contributing writer for The Atlantic and a frequent contributor at FiveThirtyEight. Rebecca is also a member of the group science blog The Last Word on Nothing. Her work regularly appears in Scientific American, New Scientist, Aeon, Wired, Popular Science, and ... More

how to stop malwarebytes from using the heuristic scan

Okay, I'm back. All of the scans are complete, save for the Malwarebytes' full scan(I had to move the computer back to college today and I didn't want to get into a full scan while I was home). ... More

how to use a gun sling

How to Use and Adjust the Sling For Target Rifle Shooting By Bob Foth, CMP Director of Training Learning to use and properly adjust a sling is one of the fundamental keys to successful target rifle … ... More

how to persuade someone to stop drinking

The sentence is fairly standard, Judge Laurence Rubin said. It's usually three years probation, a fine of $663 (not including attorney and alcohohol program fees), a 90-day license restriction limiting driving to and from work and to and from a required drinking-driver program. ... More

how to teach an analysis

a powerpoint presentation for college teachers on 1. interactive teaching techniques and 2. swot analysis ... More

how to set body weight set point

16/08/2013 If bodies did, in fact, have a set point, it would seem as if the body structure would be predetermined to accommodation the weight with build. Body structure, sturdy bone structures, larger feet, whatever. Otherwise, how exactly would a forensic pathologist be able to determine the weight of a decomposed body, if not through measurements? ... More

how to solve social problems

The teacher asks you how to handle the situation with that preferred toy and how to support children to solve common social problems. Experts Response: Preschool children learn best from the everyday experience solving problems which are meaningful to them. ... More

how to walk dog hold lease

10/12/2018 · How to Hold a Dog's Leash. Holding a dog's leash may seem straight-forward, but there are several things to consider. The way you hold the leash not only helps you stay safe, it helps you control your dog. Teaching your dog to walk on a... ... More

how to use solar panels in queensland

Learn more on the Clean Energy Regulators Claiming small-scale technology certificates webpage. Regional feed-in tariff. Under this Queensland Government scheme, electricity retailers pay eligible customers in regional Queensland a feed-in tariff (FiT) for their unused solar power that they export to ... More

how to use indeed at the beginning of a sentence

Examples of indeed in a Sentence. I know that you can indeed do better than that. that is not merely a reason, The first known use of indeed was in the 14th century. See more words from the same century. Keep scrolling for more. More Definitions for indeed. indeed . adverb. English ... More

how to win with the huns age of empires 2

This guide is not to be hosted on a site without my consent by email. Please e-mail me at if you would like to use it on your site. DO NOT in any way modify the contents this guide, for only I can do ... More

how to send text message from another phone number

Type in the name, phone number, or email of the person(s) you want to forward that message to Or tap the Plus sign ( +) to browse through your contacts Tap Send (the blue or … ... More

how to use a wrist blood pressure cuff

There are two basic types of monitors that use an arm cuff: Aneroid monitors: You squeeze a bulb to inflate the cuff around your upper arm. Then you read a gauge to find your blood pressure. ... More

how to teach literature to high school students

Show students some examples of satire, such as a recent political cartoon. Ask a series of questions about the subject of the cartoon, its main message or how students respond to or feel about the image. ... More

how to teach your cat tricks

Move Over, Rover! Cats Can Learn Tricks, Too! What's that you say? It's impossible to train a cat? Well, you know that your cat has you well trained, but you may not realize that you've been training your fancy-free feline since the day you welcomed it into the family. ... More

how to turn wireless back o routeur

The adapter is a Linksys WUSB54GSC and the router is a Netgear WGR614. One wired connection to HP Pavilion 760 running Win XP Home and the wireless adapter plugged into a … ... More

how to use polar heart rate monitor ft1

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Polar T31 coded transmitter Chest strap and user guide Shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display; includes watch features Helps improve your fitness with manual heart rate target zone ... More

how to set a daily reminder on iphone 7

24/02/2012 · I cannot figure out how to set a daily reminder for my conference call. I can set a reminder for one time but can't do a daily. iPhone 3gs iOS 5 and iPhone 4s. I can set a reminder for one time but can't do a daily. iPhone 3gs iOS 5 and iPhone 4s. ... More

how to start a coffee business with no money

Babysitting is a great way to earn money because there are almost no start-up costs. All you need is a great reputation or great references, and the ability to find local parents. All you need is a great reputation or great references, and the ability to find local parents. ... More

how to turn off gprs on samsung

10/05/2017 How to turn off running / malfunctioning apps on a samsung galaxy s8. swipe left to turn off single apps. Lots of samsung galaxy s8 tutorials on my channel. Lots of samsung ... More

how to stop a number from calling your landline

23/11/2010 · The person in question used a portable phone and wired it to the phone box located outside your home (creepy) or he just aligator clipped a phone into the box to make that one call … ... More

how to use a hand landscape rake

31/05/2018 · I am going to rent a Harley rake tomorrow. My main goal is to pick up the million rocks and prep for seeds in my yard. I have it mostly flat and don't really need to move dirt around anymore. Just need to get all the rocks out and loosen the top soil to get ready for seeds. I had settled on a landscape rake, but couldn't find one available anywhere near me. So Harley rake it is. ... More

serevent diskus how to use

Serevent: Salmeterol belongs to the class of medications called long-acting bronchodilators. It is used for the treatment of asthma. It works by opening the airways and making breathing easier. It is used for people 4 years of age and older who are also using inhaled corticosteroids to treat their asthma. These people still experience breakthrough asthma symptoms (coughing, wheezing ... More

how to write message in iprimus

Hi Darren, Please advise a m2 supply and install or install only rate for Alucobond installed on a house in Mt Martha - garage door 12m2 and 24m2 parapet. ... More

how to use music as ringtone on iphone 5s

Transfer Ringtones from PC to iPhone Freely without iTunes. Note: Appandora now has been officially renamed Syncios. When you've collected some favourite ringtones on your computer, you may want to transfer them to your iPhones 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, or any other iPhone versions. ... More

how to use straight-line method to work out depreciation expense

Using either of these methods, the depreciation amount changes from year to year, so it's a slightly more complicated calculation than the straight-line method. ... More

how to start a blog as a teenager

There appear to be no age requirements for blog engines. Just pick one that is easy to begin with and start learning by doing. Id suggest ... More

how to turn trash into energy

The developers found that the relatively low-grade fuel from the trash over-heated the generators and maxed output at about 40 kilowatts. So it created a system to convert the sugar-rich wet wastes into a … ... More

how to study le petit nicolas and arts immersion

Le petit Nicolas study guide by mrsrwilkinson includes 61 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. ... More

centrelink how to be ineligable to work for dole

How one refugee spends his dole (our money) This warming story will have you eagerly rushing off to work today, and every day after that, knowing that all the taxes this government bleeds from your pocket is going to a wonderful cause, in fact, maybe you should send more because Centrelink pends it so wiselyadvancing Australia fare! ... More

how to use a smartphone youtube

28/09/2018 Hey Everyone, In this video, we will be telling you about 5 ways to use your smartphone like a boss. Basically, These are some of the tricks which everybody should use in his or her daily life to ... More

sql how to set an attribute to null

This is undesirable for several reasons, so I am looking to update all nulls to 0 and then set these columns to NOT NULL. Aside from changing nulls to 0 , data must be preserved. I am looking for the specific SQL syntax to alter a column (call it ColumnA ) to " not null ". ... More

how to solve a square puzzle with 10 pieces

Displaying this puzzle in a square format allows for a visual solution and also an introduction to graph theory. This is the study of graphs where a graph is used to demonstrate relations between objects. In this case we are demonstrating the relations between four people. ... More

how to set auto reply in outlook 2013 windows 8

If you are using Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016, 8. Check reply using a specific template under Select action(s), and click on a specific template in the Edit the rule description box. See screenshot: 9. In the Select a Reply Template dialog box, select User Templates in File System in the Look In drop-down list, select the template you created before and click the Open button. When it ... More

how to use fire hose reel ppt

Fire Training (Perth) Once a fire starts, every second counts. Learn how to safely and effectively respond to a fire using a fire extinguisher, fire hose reel and fire blanket. ... More

how to win a female gemini& 39

Aries Woman Gemini Man These two will probably meet at some wild party, and the fun will begin. They feel liberated around one another, which creates friendship in their relationship. ... More

how to start upa bikiniline

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair at the bikini line. Shaving provides a quick fix. Depilatory creams banish hair for up to two weeks. Waxing has longer-lasting results, while ... More

how to turn turn signal off bike

In fact, if you pull on one of the lights without holding onto the parked bike, the whole bike will tip sideways with it before that light comes off. I also appreciated the sturdy aluminum ... More

how to turn off other contacts facebook

5/11/2018 · When Facebook came out with their own messenger I deleted Facebook from the Windows Messenger. I went to my Live account online and blocked access and all that jazz. However Windows Live Mail will not let me delete the contacts. The delete button is faded out and hitting the delete button doesn't work either. Please help! ... More

luminous green crystal swtor how to use

The primary color, Color Crystals (blue, red, green, yellow, and orange use grades 1 through 5 materials and the schematics are available from the trainer. I never buy them off the GTN, I run missions to acquire the TH materials (I have three TH characters) and use Stronghold Color Crystal decos for the archaeology mats (you gather the specific color crystal AND power crystals and artifact ... More

how to turn off roaming on iphone

Turning off Voice Roaming will also turn off Data Roaming. However, turning off Data Roaming by itself will not turn off Voice Roaming. Warning. When you disable Data Roaming, apps that rely on a ... More

how to work out temporary files

Step 6: Next, at the Temporary files page, select the check box next to Temporary files and then Remove files button to delete all temporary files from your Windows 10 PC. If you see the confirmation dialog, click Yes or OK button to begin deleting files. ... More

how to stop hating your ex boyfriend

That should make you stop hating your ex. 0. Reply The Egg Militia Follow; 8 followers; 8 badges Send a private message to The Egg Militia and got together with my now boyfriend about a month after we broke up; which is incredible as I was in so much of a mess when we broke up. It's basically a matter of when you meet the right person, but even so my bad feeling towards the ex will almost ... More

how to take off eyebrow piercing

13/11/2018 Keep your piercing clean during daily activities, like showering. Make sure to take precautions, such as avoiding pools, to keep your piercing from becoming infected. Steps. Method 1. Washing Your Piercing Regularly. 1. Wash your hands before cleaning your piercing. Never attempt to clean a piercing without washing your hands first. Bacteria from your hands can easily rub off onto the piercing ... More

how to use ble scanner app

BLE Scanner - simple app to scan your Bluetooth Low Energy device for available services, characteristics and descriptors. Very useful for developers. Very useful for developers. Version ... More

how to use a dryer ball

Using dryer balls can help you cut down the time it takes to dry your clothes, and it can save you money on your energy bill too! Learn how easy it is to make your own homemade dryer balls. ... More

how to stop feeling anxious at work

That twisting feeling in your stomach or other work anxiety symptoms will only get worse over time the more you use distance as a way to manage disagreement, confusion, or other difficult emotions. Contact is a muscle you have to flex to make it stronger. ... More

how to send a free ecard

We Got Free Ecards. Sending cards with Got Free Cards is always FREE. There are no hidden costs to send or receive our animated ecards, no matter which type or category of animated ecards you choose. ... More

how to delete the sites you visit

To remove an existing website, hover the mouse cursor on one of the top sites to see the “x” sign. Click the “x” sign to remove it. Click the “x” sign to remove it. Step 3: Now, click on the blank tile to see a … ... More

how to use clean and dry powder

Funori comes in fine powder form. The traditional way of using Funori for cleansing and conditioning is by making a mixture with water only. You can add shampoo to the mixture if you like to have lather. ... More

how to use my arabic keyboard

Keyboard & Character Viewer enables you to see the activated keyboard layout on your screen. You can also type using this on-screen keyboard. You can also type using this on-screen keyboard. Tagged with → Arabic • Dari • Keyboard Layout • Text Editor ... More

how to stop cinavia on ps3

bypcinavia message code 1 on my ps3, My dvd player stop playing and cinavia fix, Do not adjust the playback volume. the content being played is 3.55 / ps3hax network – playstation 3, Program: artemis ps3 … ... More

how to use dahle paper cutter

After doing some research we added a Dahle 554 Professional Rotary Cutter to our compliment of print production equipment. The cutter measures 36 x 14.13 (91.4 x 36 cm) and can perform cut lengths of up to 28-1/4 (71.8 cm). ... More

how to use packet tracker

Routing dictates how your organization's information (and the rest of the world's) gets from point A to point B. And it's the responsibility of network professionals to get routing right. ... More

how to sell bras on ebay

Dillard's, Nordstrom's and Macy's sell Le Mystere Bras. They sell a wide variey of Le Mystere Bras including the Strapless Full Figure, The Flycool Contour and the Lace Bra. ... More

how to watch spanish movies in youtube

Hola! Spanish movies/shows with (English/Spanish) subtitles are a great way to learn so I thought I would make a list. If you guys have more don’t hesitate to post them! ... More

how to tell if remote desktop is being used

When Remote Desktop doesn't recognize the keyboard, it defaults to the language last used with the remote PC. You are connecting to a previously disconnected session on a remote PC and that remote PC uses a different keyboard language than the language you are currently trying to use. ... More

how to win fortnite duos

Enhance your communication, strategy development, teamwork in Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks: Advanced Strategies for Winning Duos Matches! This guide focuses exclusively on the wildly popular Duos game play mode, helping you to build your skills as a duo to achieve success. ... More

how to set up a new house

Verge Collection. Always hit up verge collection first if you're on a budget. Depending on the area, you could outfit an entire house in a weekend with surprisingly nice stuff (including ... More

how to write laura is tasmaiia

This is a list of rivers of Australia. Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by state. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state borders. Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by ... More

how to remove set in grease stain from white shirt

Naturally acidic, white vinegar cuts grease, softens water, and whitens fabrics when added to the rinse water (the first rinse, so it can be washed out). Depending on the size of the load, add anywhere from 1/8 cup to 1/2 cup. ... More

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how to take dbol safely

5/10/2017 · This video shows how to use dianabol for bulking in safest manner. Dianabol usage, dosages, side effects and pct are covered. Tips are given by mr ANKIT .

how to use calibration curve

A calibration curve and its subsequent linear equation is used in this experiment. This experiment relies on the usage of a spectrophotometer to measure the concentration of the phosphorus in various solutions after reaction with Reagent C.

how to use tor proxy

The Tor Browser will now ask if you need to use a local proxy to access the Internet. The steps below assume that you do not. If you do, you can check your regular browser settings and copy over your proxy configuration. (In Firefox you can find these settings in the Options > Advanced > Network tab of Connection Settings. In other browsers you might find them under Internet Options. You can

how to write 80000 in words

Today, I hit 80,000 words in my novel. That means Im 88% complete with my goal of 90,000. Wow. Let me just take a moment here. You have no idea how good that feels. As I write these words, I

how to use psds in photoshop cs6

Software conflicts, malfunction of Adobe application, recovering PSD file using unreliable tool, etc., all will lead to the corruption of your Photoshop CS6 files. No matter what the reason is, you can easily repair your Photoshop CS6 and other Photoshop image file using Remo Repair PSD Software.

how to take care of a red slider turtle

Related Articles: Treating Common Illnesses of the Red Ear Slider (& other Emydid Turtles) by Darrel Barton, Red Eared Slider Care by Darrel Barton, Turtle eye diseases; Recognising and treating eye diseases in pet turtles by Neale Monks,

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Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H9

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Livingston SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Paisley SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B5

Wales: Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, Barry WAL, Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D9