how to stop mcafee service from command line

Type the command below and press ENTER: killall -9 netsafety To start AntiVirus for Linux: If the AntiVirus for Linux application is stopped or fails to start, use the steps below to manually start the application. This article explains how to stop and start McAfee AntiVirus for Linux. ... More

how to stop being so stubborn

How To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself. by Tess on April 28, 2013. Everyone gets rejected, says the wrong things and experiences failure. When it happens to you, there is no reason to be so hard on yourself. You don’t have to be your own worst enemy. Beating up on yourself doesn’t get you anywhere. No matter what, you will always be a person of value! Instead, choose to change; create a new ... More

how to sell to schools in uk

10/08/2001 · The monks of Douai Abbey have agreed to sell the school for more than £1 million to Bewley Homes which will convert it into flats, houses and an underground car park. ... More

how to stop thinking your ugly

Don’t Try to Stop Your Thoughts - Don’t try to stop your negative thoughts. This will only make more of them come. Again, the essence of what you want to be doing with your negative thoughts is to stop believing them in one way or another. ... More

how to see a rated r movie

Its 17 to see a rated R movie, so i dont think they would randomly make it 18 to bring someone else. ... More

how to use doterra oil diffuser

The only type of diffuser you should use is a wood or ceramic and glass nebulizer diffuser. doTERRA are OK oils but they are, just like Young Living, way over priced and have both been found to adulterate some of their oils when the plant material runs low, real expensive or rare. Their members will argue saying, “No way all their oils … ... More

how to write a better cv

Top 10 tips for producing a better CV. Think of your CV as your shop window - it must effectively display your experience, skills and qualities in a very short period of time. ... More

how to solve a quartic polynomial equation cas

Section 6.2 Modeling with Cubic and Quartic Functions Section 6.3 Solution of Polynomial Equations Solving by Factoring Solve a. by factoring b. graphically by finding zeroes for: Note that zeroes of the function (x- intercepts) are solutions for the equation. The solution: a. The solution by factoring: (x-5)(x-2)=0 The solutions are x=5 or x=2 ... More

how to send a video to an ipad from computer

4 Transfer Video From a Computer to an iPad When your transfer files form your iPad to your laptop, you ensure that all digital content and settings are backed up and available on both devices. ... More

how to set compatibility view settings in ie9

There are some issues with IE 10 and buttons. Working on site wide fix but for now, the Working on site wide fix but for now, the following seems to work as a temporary fix. ... More

how to use viridis color package in r

then (finally) use a viridis color palette. We’ll take this grid of 6 maps and view it through the eyes of three different types of color vision as well as a fully desaturated version. Note that I’m not adding much cruft to the map display (including legends) since this isn’t about the values so much as it is about the visual perception of the colormaps. ... More

exfoliating cream body scrub how to use

The question is what to use: Is an exfoliating body scrub the answer? A loofah? A body brush? We go over the do’s and don’ts of body exfoliation, and explain why the best body … ... More

fire well how to fire staff so they thank you

How to obtain Edit. To obtain the Staff of Fire, the player must gather three parts of the staff and the elemental crystal, as well as the gramophone and the correct records to access the Crazy Place and the lower levels of the Excavation Site. ... More

how to tell a funny story

Funny stories are often satirical stories which use humor to criticize a person or a society. This might help you gain valuable information about the problems of a community and will make you understand the English context to words, phrases and ideas. ... More

how to use endnote x6 mac

EndNote for Mac . EndNote for Mac Toggle Dropdown. Install EndNote X9 Get started Toggle Dropdown. Library basics Set your Find Full Text Set Your output style Add references Toggle Dropdown. Enter references manually Export directly from MultiSearch Export directly from online databases Export directly from Google Scholar Use import filters Import Factiva records Import from PDF Attach PDFs ... More

how to use hot topic birthday coupon online

7/01/2019 · Hot Topic Coupons: Cold Weather Accessories Up to 50% Off ... More

how to teach ascending order for kindergarten

Learn sorting of numbers in ascending order with these sorting numbers worksheets. Ascending means from smallest to greatest and in case of numbers we arrange the numbers from smallest to greatest. Teach your class how to arrange the numbers from smallest to greatest and let them do the practice with these math worksheets on sorting numbers. ... More

how to use a hygrometer violin

The type and quality of the wood used to build a violin is the most important factor in the instrument’s particular sound. While most violins use the same types of tonewood—spruce tops, and maple necks, backs and sides—the quality of the wood varies, which is reflected in … ... More

how to drive a train in tamil

From Madurai to Ramnad , the road is a regular two track road , you have to be cautious in your drive. Bangalore to Madurai -440 KM - it will take 6–8 hours depending on the break you take in between. ... More

how to pay an employee travel allowance when using attache

Many business owners regularly pay their employees domestic travel allowances rather than reimbursing them. The ATO has recently released the reasonable travel and overtime meal allowance expense amounts for the 2017-2018 income year Taxation Determination TD 2017/19. ... More

how to use primary elements

Using the dry erase board, or projected organizer, ask students to recall the story elements from Cinderella. Call on volunteers until all of the elements have been identified and written on board or typed into projected organizer. ... More

how to write yes baby in spanish

Yes, consistency—and moderation—are two of the main areas of concern in writing effective dialects and foreign accents. And keep the nonstandard spellings to a minimum. And keep the nonstandard spellings to a minimum. ... More

how to write a company introduction

Sample Company Introduction Letter Download Sample Company Introduction Letter In Word Format Sample Letters Robert Colossus Tesco enterprises February 24, 2012 Mr. Bruce Watson, Chairman, TMP Inc, Palm Park Arizona Dear Mr. Watson, I take immense pleasure in introducing to you Tesco Enterprises, a seven year old multinational company in designing software. ... More

how to train dog to stop peeing in house

I’d say house trained dog peeing in house trained dog peeing in house house was downright summery if pear weren’t a winter fruit. But it’s not heavy or overly strong, rather the fresh notes of pear play beautifully with the infused herbs and spices from the vermouth. ... More

how to see connection path on linkedin

Career, Growth, Success, Uncategorized How to Network with a LinkedIn Connection. July 8, 2018 . You’re slowly building your LinkedIn network and you get excited with each new connection! ... More

how to watch black mirror in order

Black Mirror Season 3 executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones discuss whether you should binge-watch, the season's lighter tone, and more. ... More

how to write in hindi in excel

Set the Text Direction for cells Select range of cells where you want to write Hindi numbers and do one of the following: In the Formatting toolbar menu, click the down arrow next to the Text Direction button. From the dropdown menu select Right-to-Left. ... More

how to turn off email notifications on samsung

27/04/2015 · Learn how you can enable or disable email notification sound on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http... ... More

how to use line call

It is used to call other batch files within a batch file, without aborting the execution of the calling batch file, and using the same environment for both batch files. So in your case the solution is to use CALL ... More

how to sell things on ebay for dummies

This is the top-selling eBay reference and the perfect guide for beginners, covering everything you need to know to register, navigate the site, find bargains, make winning bids, and list and sell items ... More

how to use atomy skin care 6 system

Description. Product Overview. By using 3 major advanced technologies, Atomy Skin Care 6 System were able to put beneficial ingredients that are 500 times more effective than regular cosmetics. ... More

how to set margins in corel draw x7

I wish to learn how to set to either an existing project or to a new project the margins I wish to set and force CorelDraw to respect them and also show properly in Print Preview them. View 3 Replies View Related CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 :: Setting Margins And Putting In Printer Marks Sep 16, 2013 I am new to Corel 12, I am a little behind the times. I need setting up my margins and putting ... More

how to work through postpartum depression

Having experienced postpartum depression in the previous pregnancy leads among the risk factors as it increases the likelihood by as high as 40-50%. If one has a history of any other mood or mental disorder not related to childbirth, the risk is 30-35%. Low socioeconomic status, poor access to education, and poverty are thought to account for 25%. This explains why the burden is even higher in ... More

how to make google translate do funny things

Google Translate BeatBox – Fun Things to Do with Google Translate. Beatboxing is probably one of the most fun things to do with Google Translate. It all started when a Reddit user posted an unusual sequence of letters in a forum and encouraged other users to copy-paste the entire sequence, translate from German to German and click the Listen button. The result was a unique beat sound, which ... More

how to get what you want from a narcissistic man

16/11/2018 · Takes advantage of others to get what they want. Is obsessed with attaining great power, success, or ideal love. 2. Figure out your own needs. If you are in need of someone who can provide mutual support and understanding, it is best to limit the time you spend with the narcissist in favor of others who can provide you with more of what you need. On the other hand, if the narcissist in your ... More

how to take out acer predator xb24hr

25/03/2015 · Quick steps to Restore your acer laptop to factory default. ... More

how to use a hot wire anemometer

Most common anemometer applications An anemometer usually measures gas flows that are in turbulent flow conditions. The vane anemometer, thermal anemometer and cup anemometer (typically used in weather stations) are mostly used to measure the mean velocity, while the hot wire anemometers are ... More

how to exclude pinterest from google search

There are two options to exclude files and directories when using rsync. The first option is to use the --exclude argument and specify the files and directories you want to exclude on the command line. ... More

how to use hem tape on a dress

Pin the lace to the hem of your dress, lining upside down against the right side of the fabric. The right side of the lace should face down onto the fabric. Leave a decent sized hem on the dress ie one inch. ... More

how to tell my future

With my birthday in the first week of October, my horoscope tells me that I should be fair-minded and balanced; courageous but indecisive. It may even describe my physical characteristics. ... More

how to send paypal email on ebay

Through eBay I obtained his Contact info and it included everything excpet his email adress, which said "N/A" where his email should be. I figured I could just send him the extra $15.00 through PayPal as a direct-to-seller payment, but since I don't have his email, I cannot even do that. ... More

how to set up a website to sell services

Shopify enables you to sell your goods and services on their website, on social media or at physical store. With the ability to customise the look and feel of your store, you can let your ... More

how to use hot sock diffuser

An ultra-light diffuser that prevents heat damage and gives you better overall diffusion of hot air. Its elasticated opening allows it to fit on almost any dryer and is ideal for dispersing hot air around a … ... More

how to start swing trading

The trading style of swing trading is often described by how long you hold the trade for however I don’t think that is a very useful description. To start off a more thorough definition, markets move in patterns which are loosely classified as either trending or consolidating . ... More

how to send cheats to valve

15/11/2004 · Valve did not want to send out copies of their game (for fairly obvious reasons) before it was released to the public. In order to play the game, I, and several of my colleagues throughout the ... More

how to stop xbox playback

15/12/2011 · Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. ... More

how to stop biting nails and grow them

Is there something stopping you from having pretty manicured nails? Do you really want to let your nails grow longer … but can’t stop yourself from chewing them short? ... More

how to thank someone for their ramadan wishes

Ramadan is the time to thank Allah and also the time to thank your friends, family and loved ones for sending their good wishes or for including you in their prayers. Send them our beautiful Ramadan ecards and show them your gratitude for making your Ramadan so special. ... More

how to write a good paragraph for kids

Click on me to learn about good paragraphs! There are many reasons that I love to teach. First of all, I love to teach because I love being at school. Another reason I love teaching is that the days go by quickly. A third reason I love to teach is because I love seeing a student understand something new. Finally, I love to teach because I love to be around kids. These are just a few reasons I ... More

how to set up tvheadend to record to nas

Set up the sheild (or any other box) as a Plex server, if you have Plex pass you can install the Plex DVR beta and configure it connect to your hdhomerun Use another Linux box (RPi eg) and install tvheadend - this can connect to the hdhomerun and then do all the recording etc for you, with a nice web GUI. ... More

crawford and black calligraphy set how to use

Calligraphy Christmas Christmas Fonts Christmas Design Calligraphy Doodles Modern Calligraphy Calligraphy Letters Brush Lettering Hand Lettering Arte Digital Forwards Fun, cute, brush, modern calligraphy, Christmas fonts, some free for commercial use by Skyla Design ... More

how to stop receding gums

Many People are unaware of Gum Recession or Receding Gums, so you need to see for the following sings: Sensitivity on taking Cold food items and liquids, this is mainly because the tooth structure is exposed and due is mostly sensitive to hot and cold because of … ... More

how to train aseel for fight

'Jihad is obligatory': Cardiff teenager who went to fight in Syria says he is 'willing to die' there. Aseel Muthana is only 17 and has given a disturbing insight into his life as a terrorist ... More

how to use baby bullet blender

A Magic Bullet blender is a larger capacity unit and offers improved blending, whereas the Baby Bullet blender is a newer model. The Baby Bullet takes up less space and is better for smaller tasks. ... More

how to use wacom tablet with darkest dungeon

29/06/2018 · Know how to use the pen. When using the pen, you can hover about an inch above the tablet's surface to move your cursor. To click, or draw, touch the tablet's surface. You can also customize the buttons that may be on the side of your pen and tablet. Your pen will come with extra "nibs", or tips that you can use for your pen. Each has a different texture to even further take your … ... More

how to use natural sine table

Natural trigonometric functions;: Tables, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant to eight decimal places, with second differences to for use with … ... More

how to serve kale salad

Advance preparation: This salad benefits from tossing with the dressing about 15 minutes before you serve it. The kale will soften in the dressing. The kale will soften in the … ... More

how to watch super high roller bowl without pokergo

Poker After Dark, World Series of Poker, Super High Roller Bowl, & more. These are some of the top moments from PokerGO, and they're all available to binge-watch anytime on demand exclusively on PokerGO. ... More

how to tell what version rancilio silvia

Tune-up A Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine. Written By: Samuel Kanenwisher (and one other contributor) Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Gasket and Screen . Available for sale on Amazon . Buy. Step 1 Identify Version of Machine . This section assists in identifying the version of machine you are repairing. The version matters because there are slight variations in the way the repairs are … ... More

how to solve strictly dominant strategy

Solution: Looking at the definition of strictly and weakly dominant strategy it is clear that player 1 has a strictly dominant strategy of going to movie When 2 plays Movie, 1 gets 2 from Movie and 0 from Home; When 2 plays Home, 1 gets 1 from Movie and 0 from Home. ... More

how to use black soap and shea butter

Our soothing body bar soap is specially formulated with organic Shea Butter, Oats and Aloe to cleanse, moisturize and comfort irritated skin while absorbing excess oil. African Black Soap, an honored beauty secret, made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, helps to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin. Leaves skin soft and refreshed. Perfect for helping relieve ... More

how to take care of tadpoles

When the tadpole show both it’s back legs (visible about a month before it emerges from the water) and it’s front legs (visible about a week before it emerges from the water), it’s time to switch it into a container that it can easily crawl out of the water and onto land. ... More

how to use points in hobbyking

4/03/2015 · Hobbyking definitely has a UK warehouse and that UK warehouse stocks LiPo batteries. The website can be a little confusing especially if you're using a tablet or phone. Only used them once but got my order quickly and without fuss. ... More

how to search for porn

This article on the best porn subreddits contains sexually explicit content. It’s well known that the internet is for porn—and sifting through NSFW Reddit in search of the best porn subreddits ... More

how to set keyboard to us english

6 – If you see English (United States) listed in the “Installed Services” section, select it. If you don’t see English (United States) in the list, click the Add button and select it from the drop-down list. ... More

how to stop appearing online in viber

19/04/2017 · How To Hide Last Seen From Facebook Chat,Messages,Whatsapp,Viber,Imo,Telegram,Hike,Wechat How To Hide Yourself On Facebook Chat? Facebook chat par kaise chhupte hain? ... More

how to search for all pics

Instead, narrow down your search by further qualifying the search, using "filename:(jpg OR jpeg OR png)." This keyword will provide a more refined search, showing only emails with pictures attached. ... More

how to send photos from iphone to iphone

If you have made up your mind to switch from old iPhone to iPhone 6/6s/SE, you will want to copy the data from the old iPhone to the new one. Moreover, the pictures in the old iPhone will need to be transferred if you still need these photos. ... More

how to write a self reflection example

Example: When I’m in the middle writing a post and someone interrupts me, I tend to be short with them to end the conversation quickly so I can get back to writing. I can get better at this by ... More

how to train you your horse tricks

If you don't have a strong relationship with your horse he could use these tricks when you don't want him to. If you sell your horse it could be dangerous to someone else. If your horse has a tendency to offer a trick without you asking, you should be especially cautious. ... More

how to stop cats coming into garden

20/05/2009 · Zamzows Manager Hans Geary explains that If you are looking for a solution to stop the animals invasion of your garden, lawn, or any property you need to … ... More

how to set up mail on ipad mini 4

Set up your tablet for Telstra Mail. You can set up your tablet to send and receive email from your Telstra email account. Remember, you need to set up your … ... More

how to stop pop up ads on android browser

StopAd is the ultimate ad blocker. We block pop-ups, banners, and autoplay ads on all major browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. StopAd also removes ads on YouTube and Facebook as well as in apps and games. Plus, StopAd blocks ad tracking, block malicious sites, and phishing. ... More

how to see my public fae

13/02/2009 · then at the bottom under "public search listing" you can preview what your public search listing looks like! also if you want to see how someone else sees your profile go to "settings" again and this time click on "profile" and then you can type any one of your friends name's in and see how they see your … ... More

how to call uber eats support

Of course, if you are not in a hurry to get a response, you also have the option of using the email address of Uber Eats. Simply compose your message and make sure you provide all your details. It helps if you provide your first and last name as well as your phone number. The more information you provide about yourself and your issue, the easier it becomes for UberEats to resolve your problem. ... More

how to write formal review

How to write a book review Author Luisa Plaja offers her top tips for how to write a brilliant review of the latest book you read - whether you liked it or not. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. ... More

how to start immi account

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers you a way to immigrate to Canada. Through the SINP, Saskatchewan: invites residency applications from non-Canadians who want to make Saskatchewan their home; and ... More

how to start conversation to people you dont know

Many people will begin thinking of you as someone they know, or should know. Be careful, though, that their relationship with your shared acquaintance is on good terms -- you don't want to say you ... More

how to set up royter as ap

What is and Why Set Up a Secure Tunnel? You might be curious why you would even want to set up a secure tunnel from your devices to your home router and … ... More

how to use affiliate links on facebook

One way of using anchor text rather than putting in your affiliate link is to write a report, blog post, etc, in which you place your anchor text (that goes to your aff link). … ... More

how to stop puppy from digging under fence

How to stop your dog from digging under the fence? Most likely this question has come up a time or two if you have a family pet. There are many reasons for dogs to dig, from something to chase on the other side, to boredom, to the thought of running free when no one is home. ... More

how to use customised thumbnails youtube

In addition to having a specific YouTube thumbnail template, you can use the tool to upload your own images to add them to your layout, add custom text, select icons to add from Canva's built-in … ... More

how to start cloudera manager

The Cloudera Manager agent that will be installed on each host will not start without an NTP daemon installed and running. The default desktop version of Ubuntu 12.04 did not have this installed by default. To install this, I ran the following command on the hosts: ... More

how to set wii to controller only

Now go to the controller set-up to set-up the up and down strumming keys and the star power. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to go to the up and down strumming keys, hit enter and then strum-up. Repeat for strumming down. For star power, navigate to the star power entry, hit the enter key and then shake the Wii guitar. This should set the entry to “space”. ... More

how to turn off touch screen on lenovo yoga 510

I just got a Lenovo Yoga 510. I've installed Fedora 25 (as dual boot with MSWindows). But the touchscreen isn't working in Wayland nor Xorg. xinput list only shows the trackpad, keyboard, powerbutton and camera. ... More

how to use passport nodejs

In this tutorial, we’ll be implementing authentication via Facebook and GitHub in a Node.js web application. For this, we’ll be using Passport, an authentication middleware for Node.js ... More

durex vibrations how to use

Durex Play Vibrations . Facebook Twitter Google + Stumbleupon LinkedIn Pinterest. Durex Play Massage Tv Fr15. Play and Listen Durex Play Massage Tv Fr15 Mp3. 0 plays 0:15 599.13 KB-Play Download Ringtone. Play Durex. Play and Listen Play Durex Mp3. 0 plays 0:23 567.00 KB Blues. Play Download Ringtone. Mario Play Deep Vibrations Original Mix . Play and Listen Mario Play Deep Vibrations … ... More

how to write a character

Susan Kouguell explains why taking the extra step of writing character biographies is helpful to your story and offers tips on how to make the most of the exercise. ... More

how to use london public transportation

By bus. There are also bus lines which connect London Luton Airport to central London. The Green Line 757 is an express coach link between London Luton Airport and Central London from Bays 10 & 11. ... More

how to train for a 50 mile bike ride

For the weekdays, the distances can be much shorter -- 10 to 12 miles versus the longer 25 miles; or 15 to 25 miles when your longer ride 40 miles. Vary the mileage and intensity. Vary the … ... More

steps on how to write an outcome

Here is an example of lab report with step-by-step instructions on writing a good lab report. When writing a lab report you are presenting scientific facts that support a hypothesis, to an audience.. When writing a lab report you are presenting scientific facts that support a hypothesis, to an audience.. ... More

how to sell gold ornaments

5 Best Reasons to Own Gold. Why Gold ornaments price is different at different shops? Although same formula is applicable for calculating gold price, still you find difference in gold price from shop to shop. ... More

how to work 18 hours a day

At the age of 94, he still spends the first two hours of his day exercising. Ninety minutes lifting weights and 30 minutes swimming or walking. Every morning. He needs to do so to achieve his ... More

how to use index function excel

The INDEX function returns a value in a table array based on the intersection of a row or/and column number index. The syntax of INDEX function ... More

stardew valley fibreglass rod how to use

Your spot to locate Affordable Fishing Rod Products. If you are searching for affordable Business & Industrial-products, you can't pass by the world wide web to find precisely what you are interested in. ... More

how to use pros aide

Bondo is not stronger than pros-aide, it is pros-aide with cabosil mixed it. It is a terrible adhesive because it is so thick, it takes about an hour for a good layer to fully dry. Its better used for sculpting. ... More

how to see timeline review on facebook app

The iOS app, but not the Windows Phone app also lets you hide others' as well as your own posts from your timeline. Neither goes the next step, letting you change how many updates you see from a ... More

how to set up linked for business

Use your company information to set up your LinkedIn Company Page profile. Select the I Verify That I Am the Official Representative of This Company check box. Click Continue. In the text box that appears, fill in your company information. Click Save. Adding and removing administrators. You may want to appoint an administrator or two for your LinkedIn Company Page. Most businesses let the ... More

how to tell if you have ringworm

If you use combs, bedding, or other objects that have been used by an infected person, you’re also at risk. House pets, such as cats and dogs, can spread ringworm, too. Farm animals like goats ... More

how to send documents in pdf format

12/08/2010 · Convert Microsoft Works doc to PDF for email How can I convert my Microsoft Works Word doc's and Speadsheets to PDF format, so that I can email them succussfully? At the moment when I try to email, no one can open or view the attachment unless they use Windows Vista aswell. See MVP Jack's answer, but let me add two things: 1. If you need a pdf creation program, I recommend the free … ... More

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how to stop dreaming about the same person

After years of recording these dreams and the settings of each dream (at least the ones I can remember), I reviewed every one of my recorded dreams and found that many of my dream settings started to seem very similar . . . like my dreams were almost taking me back to the same places . . . places where my mind was longing to go.

how to talk to your cats about abstinence

Talking to your kids about sex can be a challenge, no matter how close you are. But discussing issues like abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and birth control can help lower teens' risk of an unintended pregnancy or contracting an STD.

how to use public transportation in parramatta

The governments themselves would likely hand management of public transport down to the different county and city councils. The government would be able to implement overarching laws though, if needed. The best way to encourage public transport is to ensure that; (1) It’s in demand and is located

how to set conference call

3/12/2018 · This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

how to start financial planning

marketing plan; financial strategy. Before starting your business plan. You may want to consider the following key questions to help determine if you are ready to start writing your business plan. Have you thoroughly refined your business idea so you have a good understanding of how your business will operate? Have you researched your business concept to determine if there is a need for it in

how to study for long hours without getting bored

Don’t have a lot of time or think reading in over long periods is a snooze-fest this is a good idea for you. Shorter periods of time spent reading isn’t very taxing so you’ll stay awake and engaged.

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England: Plymouth ENG, Stafford ENG, Leicester ENG, Widnes ENG, Lincoln ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 5A7

Northern Ireland: Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Bangor NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H5

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Hamilton SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Dundee SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 6B7

Wales: Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 5D3