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how to get transmission to work

Overall, more work goes into starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping manual transmissions. This isnt normally a problem, but in heavy traffic where a car isnt able to get up to speed, drivers may notice that the constant starting and stopping becomes a difficult chore. Automatic transmissions allow the driver to move through heavy traffic without having to do more than push a ... More

ppsr register how to use

A whole gaggle of registers have been combined on the new Federal PPSR and this includes REVS, the Register of Company Charges and the Bills of Sale Register. The PPSR is a public noticeboard of various security interests. ... More

how to write an appeal letter for school financial aid

Address your letter to the correct person. A quick call to the school can tell you the name of the head of the financial aid appeals committee. ... More

how to use adobe connect

Adobe Connect is equipped with a built-in recorder which enables users to record their web conference or e-learning courses directly without using third party application. After recording, it allows you to customize meeting URL to make it easier to remember. Next, you can send the meeting URL to other attendees via email, so that the attendees can preview and record meeting process as well ... More

how to get turn samsung soundbar on with hisense tv

Get more from your TV or mobile device with a Bluetooth wireless soundbar from Samsung. Enjoy richer sound while you rock your favorite tunes. Enjoy richer sound while you rock your favorite tunes. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help ... More

how to set up zombicide with tts

26/01/2013 I set-up a little Zombicide game using my Freeform rules (see below) for my daughters. The aim of the game is for Scooby and the gang to reach the hospitals second floor. Spawn zones at each street end and behind the hospital. ... More

how to use a bamboo steamer to cook dumplings

26/02/2015 · I’ve been eyeing bamboo steamers for a while now, as a food enthusiast kitchen appliances make up a majority of what I own, and so of course it was only a matter of time before I fed my curiosity and got a bamboo steamer. I am always looking for fun new ways to cook my food, and a bamboo steamer is a great option! I didn’t really know what to expect when I first used it, and ended … ... More

how to write a challenge letter

31/08/2018 Write the ABCs with me! Join me for the popular Instagram challenge, #handletteredABCs where we write a letter a day. While the challenge takes places on Instagram, I'll ... More

how to stop your dog from sniffing everything

The Dog Academy website notes that your dog will be most tempted to sniff a visitors crotch when she first enters your house. When you tell your dog to go the greeting area, you disrupt the sniffing ... More

how to stop snoring nz

Snoring is a very common problem, affecting many people throughout the world. Of course different people snore for different reasons - some of which are out of our control, and some of which can be influenced by lifestyle changes. ... More

how to set up time release on canon 7d

Canon 7D II Setup Guide. CANON 5DS Resource Page: Setup, Performance & Review. This Page is dedicated to the Canon 5DS. Here you will find information about how to set up the camera and any reviews that I do. I hope that you enjoy your new camera! SETUP GUIDE. PURCHASING INFORMATION. The Canon 5Ds / 5DsR is a phenomenal tool for image making. To ensure that you … ... More

how to take inflammation out of pimples

Being the fruit with a lot of powerful properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, papaya should not be skipped when it comes to how to get rid of pimples naturally. It is a good source of vitamin A and enzymes which can decrease inflammation and make your skin smooth and soft. ... More

how to use image recognition in medical data

Introduction to MATLAB with Image Processing Toolbox Andy Thé, MathWorks This session is an introduction to MATLAB ® , a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. ... More

how to use a corkscrew without wings

- GreenLakeGirl "This is the best corkscrew I have every owned, opens bottles with corks without even peeling the foil back. quick and easy." - sandeejo The Zyliss wing corkscrew wine opener has a quality build and an attractive design. This wing wine bottle opener works on wine bottles of all sizes. The ergonomic wings provide leverage to gently remove the cork making this one of the best ... More

how to win a million dollars at old navy

Old Navy Customers Can “Shop Around the Clock” with Chance to Win $1 Million Dollars During New Holiday Hours ... More

how to stop drinking as much

Alcohol use disorder is what doctors call it when you cant control how much you drink and have trouble with your emotions when youre not drinking. ... More

how to set up admin for a linkedin

8/03/2012 · How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page More like this. The A-Z of LinkedIn. 12 Ways to Make Your Online Profile Work for You click the Admin Tools … ... More

how to set up lights on a backyard tree

Let’s face it: putting up Christmas lights the old fashioned way – with lots of hard work, ladders and potential injuries – might be a thing of the past. With the Star Shower , all you have to do is set it, forget it and let the neighbors oogle your new light setup. ... More

how to write cause and effect

When faced with the task of writing a cause and effect essay for your term paper or assignment you should simply keep in mind that you need to explain the reason and … ... More

how to wear overalls 2017

How to Wear Overalls. I cant believe its taken me this long to write a post on my favorite clothing item! Its difficult for me to even articulate how much I love overalls, but I shall try. ... More

how to watch super cars

news, local-news, Newcastle Supercars, Newcastle 500, race times, guide, map, getting to the supercars, v8 supercars newcastle, where to watch newcastle supercars ... More

how to make mic work on macbook pro

19/06/2018 · All software is updated. I'm running the latest Skype software as well. All other audio communications work fine using my microphone. For the past year when using my Skype on my Macbook Pro, callers cannot hear my voice. ... More

how to train for 5km marathon

Training for anything in life requires regular exposure to the end goal, whether youre training for a 5k, 10k or a marathon. Training for a run requires small increased incremental types of running, from sprints to long distance runs. ... More

how to use windows text to speech

By Greg Harvey . If you use Windows’ handy Text to Speech feature with Excel (or any other program), you can modify two different settings: the voice you hear and the speed at which it reads. ... More

how to write an appendix

be included in an appendix. Survey results This is the main body of the report, containing details of the survey results. Consider structuring this section according to the objectives of the project or themes, rather than by question order. Refer back to the research objectives and ensure they are all covered. The information contained in this section shows the key results from the survey. It ... More

how to stop a moon appearing when using brackets

Your intuition is correct and I shall prove it. $\def\nn{\mathbb{N}}$ Solution. Note that every expression corresponds to a complete binary tree (every number is a leaf node and every operation is an internal node with exactly two child nodes). ... More

how to cut down on sleep yet stay healthy

Your Guide to Healthy Sleep, The National Institutes of Health : How many hours of sleep do you need? There is a big difference between the amount of sleep you can get by on and the amount you need to function optimally. According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than seven hours per night. In today’s fast-paced society, six or seven hours of sleep may ... More

how to use toyota navigation system

See your navigation system Owner’s Manual for details. Enjoy the journey wherever you go. Whether you're taking a long vacation or a short trip, you can be confident of having convenient access to customized maps, information on traffic, your favorite places, and more. ... More

how to turn off sign in password on windows 10

Cortana in Windows 10 is more than a simple search feature. It’s a personal assistant similar to Siri on iOS or OK Google on Android. Information entered into Cortana is stored on your PC and in your Bing account so results can be customized to you. Cortana in Windows 10 is more than a simple search feature. It’s a personal assistant similar to Siri on iOS or OK Google on Android ... More

how to tell if broccoli sprouts are bad

Indeed, in one study broccoli sprouts reduced LDL or bad cholesterol by 7%. Of course, if you have already been prescribed a statin don’t stop it. In fact, don’t ever act on anything I share in an article without talking to your physician first. ... More

how to study kung fu

PROBLEM: Unlike Neo in The Matrix or the titular superspy in the comedy series Chuck, we can't master kung fu just by beaming information to our brain. We have to put in time and effort to learn ... More

how to teach baby to float on back

Kids all vary in how they learn - I think the thing to do is a mixture - the armbands give them the independence to enjoy being in the water on their own, and they can learn to kick etc, but without armbands will give them the confidence to go under the water and know they will come back up again. ... More

how to say hello in russian google translate

Hello! How to say Hello! in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. Read More ... More

how to harness train a rabbit

For the European rabbit my brother found, a harness intended for a small poodle was almost sufficient, but we had to watch the rabbit to make sure he didn't slip the leash. Get the rabbit used to being in the harness by taking her outside in the yard, but only a short distance and for a short amount of time. ... More

how to support someone in an emotionally abusive relationship

Always be careful when leaving an abusive relationship, even one that's "just" emotionally abusive. You can get help in establishing a safety plan by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). ... More

how to solve proportions fractions

In algebra, the properties of proportions come in handy when solving equations involving fractions. When you can, change an algebraic equation with fractions in it to a proportion for easy solving. If then the following are all true: A proportion is an equation involving two ratios (fractions ... More

how to use cast iron pan

10/10/2018 Choose a cast iron pan. Cast iron pans tend to retain more heat than pans with a nonstick surface. In addition, cast iron pans tend to mimic the grill better than nonstick surfaces. ... More

how to sell stock without paying taxes

Paying tax if you buy and sell things from home This factsheet provides information about paying tax and registering for VAT if you buy and sell things from home. Published 27 January 2014 From: ... More

how to see someones will after they die

Thus, after we die, our bacteria may spread through the body in a systematic way, and the timing with which they infiltrate first one internal organ and then another may provide a new way of estimating the amount of time that has elapsed since death. ... More

how to stop yourself from indulging

Tell yourself: "Right, this week I am going to have a day off on Wednesday" (or whatever day you choose) and stick to it. Use this day or evening actively trying to meet a basic need that may have been neglected (i.e. phone a friend and make plans). ... More

how to start a home health aide business

The “Fact Sheet on Home Health Aides” at the Home Care Unit pages of this web site provides a summary of the requirements for home health aides. (You can also view this fact sheet by going to the home page of the AHCA web site, click on “Providers” then click on “Home Care Unit” under “Licensing/Program Offices” and then click on “Home Health Aide.”) This summary was ... More

how to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself

Posted on March 13, 2018 Categories Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself Tags abuse, codependency, Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself, labels, love, Melody Meattie, relationships, self discovery, self help, selfworth Leave a comment on Codependent No More: My notes on Chapter Four PT. 16 ... More

how to write a cover letter for australia post

This free sample cover letter for an administrative officer has an accompanying administrative officer sample resume and sample administrative officer job advertisement to help you put … ... More

how to use melbourne train ticket machine

Your Open Return ticket is available for travel from Belgrave to Lakeside or Gembrook, or Lakeside to Gembrook stations only. We allocate a certain number of tickets for each train to online bookings, however, you can purchase tickets on the day for the next available service. ... More

how to start a new business in nepal

Source : Nepal-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry Doing Business in Nepal (A Guide for Indian Investors) Treatment and Protection of Foreign Investors Nepal has entered into Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) with six countries, these are; ... More

how to watch epl games online free

There are vast numbers of football fans around the globe who are dead set on watching the EPL (English Premier League). This is the most-watched league in football anywhere in the world. For this reason, football lovers want to know how to watch EPL in New Zealand to catch all the latest games ... More

how to slowly win your ex back

1/06/2011 I your ex brings up getting back together, don't jump on it. Inside you may be jumping up and down, yelling "Yipee!", but on the outside you should be smiling, and saying something like "Let's take this slow, and see where it goes." ... More

curtain rings with clips how to use

21/01/2015 · Hello everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this video and the tips and tricks I gave you. Please send me some pictures on my facebook page. Follow me on social medi... ... More

how to get your mom and dad to stop fighting

My mom and step dad fight all of the time. They seem to fight about everything. We went on a vacation a few weeks ago. They started fighting about the way my step dad was driving. I thought he was driving badly, but I didnt say anything. My mom asked me what I thought and I told her I did not want to get involved. She kept at me and finally I told her what I thought. My step dad got mad at ... More

how to work out the area circle

Area of a Circle Segment Given the Central Angle Definition: The number of square units it takes to fill a segment of a circle Try this Drag one of the orange dots that define the endpoints of the segment. ... More

how to start a slam poem

Slam poems must be performed in 3 minutes or less and the performer must read a poem he or she has written. Today, most spoken word poetry conforms to these standards. The other Slam rule is that no props or costumes may be used. This rule is not always followed outside of Slams. While some poets feel costumes and props distract from the poetry others feel they enhance the poetry and use them ... More

how to write pivot query in sql server 2008

The SQL Server (Transact-SQL) PIVOT clause allows you to write a cross-tabulation. This means that you can aggregate your results and rotate rows into columns. This means that you can aggregate your results and rotate rows into columns. ... More

how to turn off background running apps on galaxt s4

6/05/2013 Stopping Running Background Apps. From the Home screen, press and hold the Home key. To close an app, tap and drag the desired one to the left or right. If you want to close all apps, tap the Task Manager icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen -> tap End all located next to Active applications. Syncing Less Often Setting your Samsung Galaxy S4 to sync less often will help ... More

linux how to use acl

5. Setting filesystem ACL To create permissions to files on your Samba server, you should use ACL (Access Control List). ACL allows you to set permissions for groups or final users. ... More

how to use organic hemp protein powder

Our Organic Hemp Protein powders have been gently cold-processed, without the use of hexane, a harsh chemical solvent used to process non-organic soy protein powders. ... More

how to boundary train a dog

A Great Dane training collar can help. This means that you need the best training collar for Great Danes. One great example to consider here is the PetTech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar . ... More

how to start a second paragraph in an argumentative essay

25/12/2018 · To write an argumentative essay, select a debatable topic that you have a strong opinion about. Your job is to convince the reader that your view on the subject is the best one, so choose a topic you can investigate and support … ... More

how to wear a quilted vest

Rachel from Redcliffe Style and I are having So Much Fun with the Style it Project. We are loving all the fabulous photos and posts from people sharing their style rocking the Lee Cooper for Big W spotted chambray shirt for our inaugural Style it Project in May. ... More

how to write aus student visa easy

Visa de court séjour pour etudes (‘Schengen’ short-stay student visa) – available up to three months This type of visa is mainly for short-term study programmes or language courses. It is free of charge, you won’t need a residence permit and you can apply for a new one when it expires. ... More

how to take screenshot in game

Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. Taking an Xbox One screenshot only requires you to push two buttons. Screenshots / Capcom / Microsoft Before you take a screenshot on Xbox One, it's ... More

how to sell baby formula on wechat

A formula for making money December 18, 2015 Business , Feature article , Lifestyle , Uncategorized baby formula , wechat corinna As soon as baby formula is stocked, it sells out. ... More

how to make number train

Europe by rail Rail is the most comfortable and relaxing way to see and travel around Europe. With the best range of products and helpful planning tools, Rail Europe will ensure you get the most out of train … ... More

how to turn off subtitles on vlc media player

I'm not sure what you're asking. Are you asking how to display subtitles? If that's the case, "hardcode" is not the word you are looking for. Hardcoded subtitles are, by definition, impossible to turn on or off - they are part of the video stream itself. ... More

how to start a retail business in australia

The Australian Government has developed a set of business topics to help you start, run and grow a business. The topics aim to provide you with quality information in a ... More

how to i wear my cockring

The Donut Cock Ring is a powerful penis ring made for comfort and intensity. It has rounded edges so its very comfortable to wear. This is a very powerful toy that will ... More

how to use garmin running watch

The Garmin Forerunner 10 can last five weeks in watch mode and up to 5 hours with the GPS running in training mode. Both the Forerunner 15 and the TomTom Runner GPS watch promise 2 to 3 … ... More

how to sell soul for fame

A interesting selection of videos that have been around for a while now. Nicely presented here. I have some contacts in LA quite high up. There must be some … ... More

how to stop heavy sweating

Learn dozens of simple, inexpensive, and natural ways to combat excessive sweat and actually improve the smell of your body odor right this minute, all free and natural. ... More

how to find out the right bus stop queensland

More information on the Cairns Real Time System and the online bus tracker is available at qconnect is a Queensland Government initiative providing improved passenger transport and greater connectivity and accessibility of services throughout regional, rural and remote Queensland. ... More

how to tell where my e46 was built

Yes, if you go with a custom built differential. BMW doesn't offer LSD differentials for standard E46s. One other route is to go with E46 M3 LSD. This has been reported to work when you also use M3 axles and the M3 drive shaft. (E46 M3s use 3.62 final drive ratio) ... More

how to write us address with apartment

25/09/2013 · Imagine I would like to write my address (which is a house, and not an apartment) on the letterhead of a cover letter. I have written it like this, I have written it like this, No. 25, 20-Meter Valiasr St., Pazuki Area, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran 1236549899 ... More

satin blouse how to wear

Because it is cool and light weighted in the summer. Satin is not cool to wear in summer. Anyone who has tried wearing a satin shirt or blouse in hot weather will know it makes you sweat a lot ... More

how to sell my home without an agent

3/12/2013 When Shannon Stell and her husband decided to sell their Yorktown, Va., home this summer, they ran the numbers and discovered that the small amount of equity they built up during two years of homeownership would be wiped out once they paid an agent's commission. ... More

how to stop hp product improvement study from popup

Its product includes personalization, product recommendations, messaging, testing and optimization to help retailers optimize online experiences in real time. Household names like Sephora, Hallmark, and IKEA use Dynamic Yield to increase revenue. ... More

learn how to swim with state swim ad

Many of these will be adult swimming aids and a great to help you learn to swim. Some centres will provide the equipment as part of the swimming lesson itself. If not you might want to buy some of these from your local swim shop or sports shop. ... More

how to turn off fog bf1

The rear fog lamp is automatically turned off when the headlamps or front fog lamps (if so equipped) are turned off. To turn the rear fog lamp on again, turn the knob once in … ... More

how to tell if your child is happy

Unfortunately, this phase also means that talking about feelings and problems with parents is uncool too. Your child may not tell you if he was just bullied at school or if he had a rough day. ... More

ark survival evolved how to stop skipping fps

Last night my friend and I were playing split screen mode. I believe we played for about 3 hours, with the game locking up about 15 times before we rage quit. ... More

how to stop ads on facebook games

The fact that Facebook is willing to play this game, committing their resources, Currently, the system is failing to stop ads for me despite having updated the filters multiple times on Google Chrome version 52.0.2743.116 m the last couple days. Have they made another work around, or should users be concerned? The ad’s are very not targeted on my end, and I’ve noted many a user ... More

how to take notes on a computer lecture

It may seem obvious but you need to remember to take some appropriate note-taking equipment with you to meetings, lectures etc. The nature of the ‘appropriate’ note-taking equipment will depend partly on you and partly on the circumstances. The simplest low-tech way of taking notes is to use a pen (or series of different coloured pens) and a pad of paper. Bring plenty of paper and at least ... More

how to stop spider veins on legs

Answer According to Dr Deborah Davis, sclerotherapy (injecting the vein with a solution that irritates the vein lining, causing it to collapse) is the best way to treat spider veins. ... More

how to stop yourself from crying at school

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong at once. Maybe the teacher is giving you a hard time. Maybe your parents are giving you a hard time. Maybe your brother/ sister/ cousin/best friend is giving you a hard time too. Maybe kids (or a particular kid) at school are giving you a hard time. There are ... More

how to use magix movie edit pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 18.0.1 (2019) provides tools for creating videos & features like import photos, videos as well as additional audio and video material or transfer your recordings from a variety of sources to your computer, edit with a comprehensive set of tools and export or burn your videos to CD/DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc. in short its better than 2018 magix movie edit pro in ... More

how to sell alcohol online

The licenses needed to sell alcohol online. In order to legally retail alcohol on the web, you’ll need a personal license and a premises license. ... More

how to see remaining space on onedrive

If you just got a brand new Surface, you might be surprised (and frustrated) to discover that even before you install any apps, you dont have all of the disk space you thought you bought. ... More

fetch tv mighty how to turn off subtitles

Fetch TV Mini will retail for $149 the Fetch TV Mighty for $399, both are available from Monday from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Optus, with iiNet and Dodo following soon. Trevor Long Trev is a Technology Commentator, Dad, Speaker and Rev Head. ... More

how to stop crochet from curling

Stockinette stitch always curls. You can make an edging in crochet or you can make the pattern adding a garter stitch or seed stitch edge. This is one of those learning experiences where you decide if you like stockinette or not. ... More

how to use apple airpods

8/01/2018 · There's another post here that supposedly answers this same question. Incorrectly, I believe. It says you can use Apple Airpods on a Windows 10 computer. ... More

how to write an artist cv

Crafting a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is like creating art; you need to understand and master the fundamentals before taking creative liberties. Below are a handful of best practices that will set the foundation for a professional and compelling artist CV. ... More

how to use voice chat in the forest

A Guide to Really Bad Customer Service (Written by Devil's Advocate) By Justyna Polaczyk in LiveChat Blog > Customer service , June 22, 2018 People write about great customer service all the time. ... More

how to write a java code to check account interest

← Java Program to find the Perimeter and Area of a Circle Java Program to Calculate Compound Interest → Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. ... More

how to turn off sony xperia z without touch screen

My Sony Xperia Z screen is cracked and the top half of the screen is non-responsive to touch but still has display. My alarm is set to go off ever day at a very inconvenient time and as the icon for the alarms is in the top left hand corner, I can t open the app. ... More

how to turn off windows boot manager

When Windows 10 system starts up, a typical issue is faced by the users. They receive a Boot Manager asking them to pick up appropriate OS, even if the system has only Windows 10. ... More

nsw hsc graduate how to write resume

The resume and application review is a good opportunity to assess the capability ‘ communicate effectively ’. This should only be done if written work is an important part of the role. This should only be done if written work is an important part of the role. ... More

how to stop videos from buffering

7/11/2007 · Hi Guys, Say you are low on bandwidth, go to a site which has many videos on the same page, you press play on one video, it starts to buffer(low speed), then decide to view a different video, press play on that one, it starts to buffer, but this new buffer gets slow because of the first buffering video. ... More

how to use nvidia freestyle games upported

Freestyle works with supported games for deep compatibility at the level of drivers. Make sure you see the list of Freestyle compatible games on Nvidia’s site and ensure your favorite titles are in there. ... More

how to use calligraphy practice paper

Rhodia has to be the best calligraphy paper for practice. They come in ruled,blank,dot and graph choices. The paper is 80lb but the it is extremely smooth and bleed proof. You get a fairly large amount of paper for just about $9. ... More

how to use coffee capsules without machine

When compared to other single cup coffee makers without pods the Touch Brewer T526S Brewing System has a large 90-ounce water tank, this is a great size, and youll be refilling less often, in fact, you can fill it up and your set for a few days. ... More

how to use ancestrydna helper

Using DNA Match Labeling The first step in using this extension is to decide what the colors will represent. In this particular application, I’m using only the first four colors and I’m assigning them to each of my four grandparents: ... More

how to tell is google maps is full screen

29/06/2017 · Print Google Maps for a full page, changing the Google Maps layout print to Landscape to print a large map. ... More

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how to write hangul alphabet

Learn Korean Alphabet Thai Alphabet Arabic Alphabet English Alphabet Hangul Alphabet Korean Writing Arabic Lessons Korean Lessons Korean Phrases Forward This hub has 2 very cool Korean alphabet charts, a description of the Korean alphabet, and a link to an amazing interactive Korean alphabet chart with full audio (recorded by a native Korean speaker).

how to set background pic on mac

Step 2 To create a transparent photo background in Mac, the Markup toolbar is going to help you. For this, click on Show Markup Toolbar button. This option is available as a toolbox icon. Subsequently, choose Instant Alpha option (kind of a magic wand icon).

how to search your most searched thing on google chrome

Searching on Google Chrome redirects to Yahoo Search. garirry Jun 1, 2015, 6:36 AM. The computer of someone I know has a massive problem regarding Yahoo Search. When entering information in the

how to use cash register er 380

SAM4s ER-380M Electronic Cash Register. The ER-380M is a perfect choice for any small retail or food service business. The high-speed thermal printer provides receipts that match the quality of high-cost POS equipment.

how to use tc electronic mimiq

Update guide for Mimic 1.1.00 firmware update This document describes the firmware update procedure for your TC electronic Mimic doubler pedal.

sims 3 how to turn off expansion packs

I just installed a few new stuff from the Sims Resource and suddenly none of my expansion packs are showing up in-game. They appear to be installed on the launcher, but once I open my game, it's as if I never installed them, and while all of my saved games are still there, I can't open any of them.

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